About Xcessibility

A community of peers and friends 👋 coming together to support software developers and tech workers with disabilities

What We Do

We Create Community

To connect disabled developers within the community to each other as a support system, network, and reminder that we’re not alone. Our aim to support those developers in being part of the industry, providing them, their managers, and their team members with ways to help them succeed.


We Work Together

We want to break down the barriers between these audiences, and encourage open and positive conversation.

We Create Change

For too long, developers have been afraid to admit their accessibility needs - whether mental, emotional, physical, financial, or otherwise. The risks to employment and opportunity were deemed too high, and instead we suffer in silence, burning out and leaving the industry as our needs aren’t met. Our community provides mentorship and support to help each other and inspire others to have a success life and an enjoyable career in tech.